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Welcome to

Monetos Live

The monetos live service

We are offering a paid livebet service with at least 50 bets per month in average.
All members of the Monetos team are pro live bettors and have been successful for 20+ years.

We do all the hard work – you place the bets and win!

Price is 35 Euro per month.
All bets are sent directly to your Telegram account.

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Frequently asked questions

‘Monetos’ is our company name. In Danish, ‘Monetos’ is slang for Money.

Great question – and an easy one to answer! Monetos Livebetting Service is a service, where you receive a
minimum of 50 livebets in average each month for only 35 euros. You pay less than a euro for each bet from some of
the top betting minds from Denmark with over 30 years of combined experience.

See more on this link: https://t.me/MonetosPlusLiveBot

In short: We send every pick in a closed Telegram Channel, only for subscribers. This means that you must
have Telegram on your phone or computer.

Don’t worry, it’s being done automatically. If you signed up on the 1st of August, your subscription will be
automatically renewed on the 1st of September.

Sure! You can cancel your membership in two ways. Either type ‘/membershipstatus’ to
@monetospluslivebot in Telegram or send a message to us @monetospluslivebot in Telegram with your E-
mail address and we will do it for you right away.

No, we do not offer any refunds.

No, nothing is certain in sportsbetting, so please gamble responsible. Sportsbetting is a marathon, not a
sprint, and you may suffer economic losses. We believe that we are ahead of the market and will earn you
Money in the long run. The only guarantee we can give is that we work hard to stay ahead of the betting
market and give you our best every single day.

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